Our way of working

Phase 1: analysis

The first step is to find an executive business consultant (EBC) to which the scale-up can agree. Once that is completed, the EBC will do an analysis of the main issues to be dealt with and come up with a subsequent plan of action.  The analysis will take place in a period of max. 2 months. 


The EBC will approximately work between 1 to 2 day per week for the client. During this period there will be no cost involved for the scale-up.


At the end of this period, the EBC will present a high-level plan to which the client can choose to continue or to end the cooperation per immediate.

Phase 2: Implementation

The first step of phase 2 consists of agreeing on the final contract, including milestones, KPI's and the EBC's

remuneration. The agreement can be for a period of minimal 6 months, preferably 12 months but no longer than 24 months. During this period the EBC will guide your scale-up to achieve the predefined KPI's .

FtB will organize a quarterly feedback meeting with the client and the EBC to make sure all parties remain aligned.

General Terms and


The remuneration will be a mix of a small amount of  cash-out and a success related fee in equity. This success fee of equity will be payable at the end of the contract period and only after agreement on the results of the KPI's.