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2010 - 2021

About us

Frank & the Backs was founded in December 2019 by three experienced entrepreneurs. We have a network of seasoned professionals, ready to support your business to achieve sustainable growth, we call them “Backs”. You might wonder where this name comes from.

Think in soccer-terms; the backs are there to cover the midfielders and attackers. We, as Frank, are the midfielders, like for example Frank Rijkaard and Frank Lampard. Imagine the startup as the attackers, as you are in the frontline of your business. The backs are the persons we have in our network of professionals. Hence the name ‘’Frank & the Backs”.

Our social mission

Our social responsibility approach: together with our network of seasoned C-level executives we feel it as our corporate social responsibility to share our business knowledge with young, ambitious and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help you achieve sustainable growth and make our planet better. In doing so we utilize existing human capital by attracting C-level professionals.

The team

Meet some of the Backs

Our typical Back is an experienced, high level manager, good natured and equipped with excellent skills. The expertise of our Backs encompasses a wide range of industries segments. Name one, and we can find a matching Back to support you, with specific knowledge of your segments and relevant general management experience to support you. Hereby some examples of our active Backs and their expertise:

Menno Stijl an experienced business strategist with a ton of experience in the digital realm.

Rik Peters an expert in software engineering and research & development.

Gert-Jan Huizer a senior commercial executive, with an extensive track record in telecom.

Jaap van Gurp a seasoned business director, well versed in the medical sector.

Part of WorldStartup

Frank & the Backs is part of WorldStartup. WorldStartup is a global entrepreneurship platform, aiming to accelerate the global transition to sustainable and equitable societies by enabling purpose-driven innovators to create successful ventures. They offer innovators the training, tools, resources and networks to create long standing and impactful ventures. Startups working with Frank & the Backs can benefit from WorldStartup’s extra startup services, the WorldStartup network, and its international connections.